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About Us

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About Us

We are passionate about food, cocktails, good wines and entertaining and have thought about opening a place for a few years now. After many years of dining out and sampling some of the best cocktails and wines served in some of the top restaurants around the world, we wanted to create a fine dining experience, without the pomp and formality that usually comes with it.

Having a ‘Wow!’ plate of food or cocktail that would light up your Instagram, and in a restaurant that you feel comfortable to laugh out loud in or have ‘one too many’ wines, is what we wanted to create. Fabulous and ever-changing dishes, amazing wines and classic (but adjusted) cocktails, together with a relaxed and fun atmosphere is the genesis of Chez Burton

Fine Dining Without The Formality

48 The High St, Baldock SG7 6BJ
01462 896 180

Open 6pm – Late, Wednesdays to Saturdays